Not Your Traditional Family Photos

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Family photos don’t have to be the traditional photos that you remember taking with your parents and siblings when you were growing up.  You know the ones with either the fake spring or fall backgrounds, or maybe the dark blue or gray backgrounds that you took in the studio or at church for the directory.  Do you remember going to the hair dresser to get the perfect hairstyle?  Going shopping for matching or color coordinated outfits.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that type of family portrait, if that’s your style.  Those family photos are priceless… because they are of your family.  However, I encourage everyone to be creative and find something that fits their family personalities and to have fun.  Such is the case with Jamil, Jennifer and family.

Jamil and Jennifer dated in middle/high school for 2-3 years, then separated for 10 years. Now they are the modern day Brady Bunch.  Both Jamil and Jennifer had three (3) children each when they got together and have since had one (1) child together.  This family of nine (9) is unique, as the seven (7) children range from 2 years old to 12 years old, and a couple of children are similar in age.  Their family has such lively spirits and love to have fun together.

 We met at the park and started with some posed shots of the whole family on the stairs and along the railing. 

JamilJenniferFam Before Blog1JamilJenniferFam Before Blog1Jamil, Jennifer & family

Then… I pulled out the powder paint.  Every child was able to pick their favorite color, which made it personalized for them.  It didn’t take long before the first child to throw the first color sprinkle.  Before long, the siblings were chasing each other around; Dad was putting the powder on his hand and making his mark on each child’s white t-shirt, while Mom was armed with 2 colors so she could pay her kids back for all the irritating moments they’ve given her in the past.  Hahaha…  

JamilJenniferFam PaintFight Blog2JamilJenniferFam PaintFight Blog2Fun with powder paint Although it was a bit chilly yesterday and the family all had on jackets and sweaters when they first arrived, by the end of the photo shoot, every child and both parents were wearing flip-flops and they forgot about being cold.  The whole family had a blast, even the cutie pie 2 year old.  Thus, proving family photos doesn’t have to be boring or a major task to get ready for.

               JamilJenniferFam Before Blog3JamilJenniferFam Before Blog3Fun family photos                 JamilJenniferFam Blog4JamilJenniferFam Blog4Fun family photos with powder paint

Have fun with family photos!


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