We all want your pictures to be Fabulous!  I need your help to ensure this.  Here are some tips to help make you totally prepared for your photo shoot.

1.    Drink plenty of water for clear and vibrant skin.

2.    Get a good night’s sleep the night before your picture day.

3.    Make sure you chose a timeless hairstyle that flatters your face.

4.    Bring combs, hair accessories and makeup for any touch-ups.

5.    Choose outfits that flatter your body type.  Vary the styles and colors and choose those that bring out your complexion, not blind in with it.

6.    Make sure all your socks, stockings, and undergarments match and work with each outfit.

7.    Get a fresh manicure or remove chipped polish from fingers and toes. 

8.    Men, be careful shaving so as not to cut yourself. 

9.    Please touch-up your eyebrows for your close-ups.

10.  Play Sports? Dance? Have a music hobby? Here's your chance to shine with incorporating those into your portraits.  Bring anything along with you that you think you'd want to see used in your photos.  Remember, we want your personality to show through your portraits.

11.  Do not eat anything that will stain your teeth prior to your session and please brush your teeth before session too!

12.  PLEASE do not wear colored contacts.  I like to capture the natural sparkle of your eyes and colored contacts take that sparkle away. Embrace your natural eye color.

13.  Be true to who you are! You don’t want to look back on your pictures years later and say, "What was I thinking?"

Check out Highlights Photography’s Pinterest page for posing ideas.  Practice some of those poses at home in the mirror so it’ll feel natural during your photo shoot.  You will find the link to my Pinterest page at the very top of this page.